UI design refers to user interface design and UX design refers to user experience design. Although, both these systems are interrelated they are technically different from each other. UI is basically a graphic design whereas UX is more technical and analytical in design

The aim of a user experience design is to provide a customer a satisfying experience in order to increase his loyalty. This is achieved through the ease of use and pleasure experienced while using the product.

User experience (UX) design is a combination of activities aimed at making the user experience enjoyable. It is designed bearing the following factors in mind:

1. Interaction design
2. Architecture
3. Creating clear taxonomy
4. Copy writing
5. Coordination with designers and programmers, etc.

1. UX design develops and improves the quality of interaction between a user and various facets of a Company.
2. UX design is hands on with research, testing, development, content and prototyping to test for quality results.
3. UX designing is a non digital practice but is used widely in the digital industry.

For designing a UX system, the factors to be borne in mind by the designer are:

1. Analysis of the competitors
2. Analysis of the customer’s needs
3. Product structure and strategy
4. Development of content

Next the designer can wireframe and prototype the product. This is followed by testing and iteration. The next stage is development planning.

Execution is done in coordination with UI designers and developers. After this tracking goals are tracked and integrated.

1. Personalisation:
Users prefer the experience to be personal when they use a website for gaming or shopping, etc.

2. Animations should be simple:
Animations make a website lively. They also help a user in navigating. Hence, simple animations are easier to use.

3. It is better to use accepted design patterns:
A design pattern is a repeatable solution to common problems. It is a common way of group information. It also helps in interacting with an interface by clicking or scrolling from top to bottom or tapping a button.

4. It helps to give the UX a personality
Giving the UX a personality helps in making it interesting for its users.

5. Provide information in screens
Users seek information screen by screen, whether on a computer or a handheld device. Therefore, parallax scrolling and card style interfaces are popular.

6. Provide an interactive experience
For quizzes, video gaming, etc, users need to interact with the interface. Therefore, the design should incorporate a simple interactive element. However, an interface which warrants high level of involvement will tend to distract the user.

A simple, neat and orderly design is what users seek. Hence, the designer should design the UX system so that it is not complicated to use.

A UX designer needs to have a knowledge about various fields such as, designing, marketing, project managemt,etc. The designer needs to carry out iterations at every stage. This will help him in ensuring that he meets the requirements of the customers.

UI may be defined as the way in which a user interacts with a computer. This interaction is viewed from the perspective of the input devices and the software used.

Designing a UI system which takes care of intricacies of the design is vital to develop a good user interface. A user interface basically transfers a product’s research and development, content, and layout in an attractive, guiding and responsive experience for its users.

A user interface design visually guides the user through a product’s interface, through interactive elements and across all sizes and platforms.

UI design is responsible for transferring a brand’s strength and visual assets to a product’s interface. This enhances the user’s experience.

The user interface is a digital field which is responsible for co-operation and work with developers or code.

Before designing a UI system, a web designer should be aware of his responsibilities. They can be listed as:

1. Analysis of the customer
2. Researching the design
3. Branding and developing the graphics
4. User guides

Activities of the designer

1. Prototyping the UI
2. Animation and Interactivity
3. Making the interface adaptable to all devices and screen sizes
4. Implementation of the design with the developer.

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1. Since UI and UX systems are closely linked, for designing UI systems a feedback from UX is beneficial. The starting step should be to understand the problems being faced in UX that need to be addressed. He should also understand the user flow, key product areas, and hierarchies. Next mockups can be made. They are then tested and then should get it approved by UX designers. This will make the launch smooth.

2. The UI should be designed keeping the target audience in mind. At planning stages of design of a website, it is important to look at things from a user’s point of view. The interface should be designed bearing in mind why the user will use the website and how he will be drawn towards it. An idea about the user’s needs can be obtained from competitor’s websites. By searching the popular websites in your project’s field, you can get an idea about the type of design that appeals to the user. Once you have a basic idea about the design, you can develop your own design. Then you can differentiate it from your competitors. You can also try to get a feedback from the user to improvise.

3. A simple UI is popular among its users. The user should find the website easy to navigate. It should be designed such that the user is guided to reach his destination on the site easily.

4. The interface should be consistent throughout its design. As the user navigates through the site, the simplicity of the design should be maintained. He should not be exposed to new complexities.

5. The interface should be designed so as to highlight important elements of the interface. This enables the users to focus on them.

6. Typography should be used effectively. A variety of fonts are available. Every font has its own personality. The designer should select fonts that will appeal to his target audience. The size of the font selected also plays an important role. A font if properly selected helps in establishing the visual hierarchy. Headings can be highlighted. Contrasting backgrounds can be used to give an effect of the text popping out.

7. Proper usage of colours and contrasts also helps in a good interface design. Colours play an important role in creating visual hierarchy, establishing a relationship between elements, holding the user’s attention and elevating the level of the designs. For an interface design, a colour scheme can be maintained with a proper combination of colours. Using too many colours does not create a good interface. Colours used in contrast create a good impact. Dark colours are generally considered heavyweight colours. It is a good idea to balance them out with lighter shades.

8. A good interface design provides intuitive feedback messages to its users. For instance, if the user has filled a field incorrectly, a quick feedback informing him about it can be provided.

9. Most interfaces require their users to fill up forms. However, users are not very fond of filling forms. It is beneficial to design forms that are not very lengthy in filling. If an interface has a simple form to fill, it becomes popular among its users.

10. It is beneficial to work in teams while designing an interface. There are a number of collaboration tools available to help in collaborating to design the interface.

Designing an interface is not a simple process. It warrants multidisciplinary collaboration. It also requires technical information about the audience. UI design is also related to UX design. Hence, UI design should consider user experience also. The purpose of a UI design is to anticipate the user’s needs and design the interface to include elements that are easy to access, understand and use to fulfill those needs. Whereas the UX is a subjective field as it depends on the user’s emotions. Hence, it can’t be quantified.

A good UI/UX design is vital for the success of a website. Therefore, it is beneficial to take the help of professionals for your UI/UX design.

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